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     We draw from a variety of sources including:


  • Hawkins and Smith (2013)  7-eyed supervision process model, very thorough and can lead to valuable insight into your Coach Practice

  • Neuroscience at work in the supervisory relationship

  • Strengths Coaching uses personal strengths as a starting point and builds with insight to more informed and competent practice

  • Positive psychology which sets a background for drawing the best from both yourself and your Coachees

  • Creative interventions to aid  understanding and new knowledge

What to expect:

Quality: a quality control function e.g. ensuring our work is professional and ethical, reinforcement of best practice; identifying gaps in training, blind spots, vulnerabilities

Development: developing the skills, understanding, abilities and capacities of supervisees; looking at interventions and exploring other ways of working.

Resourcefulness: responding to the effect of the client’s actions/behaviours, becoming aware of, and then dealing with, reactions. Maintaining a balance with demands of caseload and expectations