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The Art of Self Coaching

As we know, Coaching is a much used and valued development tool whether it is applied in an executive career, life or relationship context.


Self-Coaching is also a valuable skill you can develop for yourself that enables you to gain more clarity, direction and fulfilment in your own life.  

This programme is designed to impart a set of skills, provide the context for learning and the opportunity to devise a method to build self awareness and growth.


The blend of group learning  and professional 1 to 1 coaching with Claire, allows you to gain momentum in setting your goals, moving forward and achieving success.

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  • when you understand better what you need, you reduce psychological friction from your life.

  • when you self-coach, you do not incur any extra costs

  • you gain a growing sense of empowerment and success

  • you help yourself to get past obstacles/difficulties in your life

  • the self-coaching skill is a way to take responsibility for yourself, reach goals and have fun!  

  • you have not had the direct experience of being coached by a professional Coach (internal or external to the workplace)

  • you have been professionally coached and you would now like to build on your own self coaching skills

  • you just feel stuck in your life - maybe in your job, in the 'humdrum', 'same ol, same ol', rhythm of life

  • you have vague ideas or thoughts of  things that you would like to have done by now in your life but just never got round to it or, possibly just don't know where to start

  • you would like to gain more control over your life so that you can plan, be more engaged and feel confident in the decisions you make

  • 6 x group meetings (one per week with a break between weeks 1-3 and 4-6))

  • 30 minute pre course coaching chat with Claire to ensure that your needs will be met

  • 30 minute interim coaching chat with Claire to ensure progress

  • Follow-up 60 minute individual coaching session post programme to ensure your route to success

Elements of the programme:

This course will be of interest if:

Course Design

Upcoming Course

  • 6 key self-coaching skills

  • Positive psychology, Energy management and Neuroscience  

  • Building self-esteem and self-management

  • Redefining and reinforcing success

  • Goals attainment

Why invest your time, effort and money

This course DOES NOT train you to become a Professional Coach


A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the programme

For more information please contact Claire

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