Claire Breen

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..... moving forward for success

Claire's Coaching Style

For our coaching sessions, we work to create a relationship where the sole focus is geared to identifying (career, life, executive) goals for you.


We work together to identify the need or desire for change, the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving goals and then coming up with a plan of action to reach those goals.


As Coach, I draw on Person-centred Coaching, Strengths Coaching and Positive Psychology as well as over 30 years experience of working with individuals, groups, teams and organisations in the area of personal development. 


My style of coaching is supportive, explorative and sometimes gently challenging in its approach.


It creates clarity, awareness and when necessary, it facilitates change. Values that are important within me are honesty, integrity, humour, empathy and being non-judgemental.


I adhere and abide by the ethical guidelines of the

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

At all times we will lock in new learning.

Propose and establish contract between us, know our commitment and responsibility


Offer a safe space to grow trust, rapport and partnership between us


Support, question, uncover values & beliefs and establish real starting point for moving forward


Invite, investigate and challenge assumptions and experiences that may present as blocks to achievement or delay progress

Thorough examination of a) achievable goal (s) and timeline:  b) what success looks like:  c) level of accountability


Identify what realistic steps will allow Client to pursue best viable course(s) of action. Reinforce strengths to gain progress

Verify the process of forward movement with implementation of plan for change. Check accountability


Evaluate and review, capture and consolidate learning, bank success and swim.

Claire’s  Positive Model of Coaching